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Pet License

Pet licenses (tags) can be purchased online at PetData, Inc. or:

Online Pet Licenses (PetData, Inc.)

License Costs

  • $17.00 for altered animals (spayed/neutered)
  • $35.00 for unaltered animals (NOT spayed or neutered)
  • $17.00 for all animals 12-months old and under (regardless if altered or not)

For questions regarding licensing your pet, please call 833.991.0936.

Pursuant to County Ordinance 1-4-27, the owner or keeper of any dog, cat or ferret four (4) months of age or older is required to have said animals vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Florida recognizes a one-year vaccine or a three-year vaccine for dogs and cats. Pet owners are still required to renew their county license every year regardless of whether a one-year or three-year vaccine was given. County Ordinance 1-4-28 states the owner or keeper of any dog, cat or ferret residing in Charlotte County for 28 consecutive days or more is required to obtain a county license tag for said animals. County license tags must be renewed annually as they expire on the anniversary of when the vaccine was given.

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